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Things are just too much and I don't have an appealing life, so move on. It's depressing anyway.



Hello. My mind is depressing right now, so yeah. 

I broke up with Soleil last week. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be and we are still friends. She seems to be taking it well. I'm not really sure about how I feel or not. I just hope some day, one of my daughters or grand daughters reads this. Or even son or grandson, I don't care. Just some one to carry on my legacy. 

So, Mom got told that she may never be able to have a child again because it has a 87% chance of killing her and the child. She said ok, she was fine with it. It wasn't like she wanted another child anyway. She told dad about it, saying that they could never have an intimate relationship ever again or he could get a vesectami or however you spell it. He immediately declined that one. I think he's being selfish. He always has been that way. With anything and everything. 

I hope that maybe one day he will also read this. Maybe. I doubt it though, I mean he is my dad and all, but he is a real jackass. 

Anyway, I feel like crying even though I have nothing to cry about. I'm just sad I guess. 

Oh yeah, and I started watching Fairy Tail and finished Blue Exorcist. Um, and finished Yuri!!! on Ice. What else? Idk. 

Anyway, here's your songs. 

-A Million Dreams, Greatest Showman

-I'm a Mess, Bebe Rexha Nightcore version. 

-Sick Boy, Chainsmokers

-I Bet My Life, Imagine Dragons

-Robin Hood, Anson Seabra

-Welcome to Wonderland, Anson Seabra

-Battle Scars, Paradise Fears 


Fly On, 


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